Burrington village Web Cam, North Devon
You won't believe your eyes!



Burrington, Devon, WebCam, LiveCam.  Camera 1.
(during hours of darkness a still from the previous day will be displayed)
NB: Should the radio link fail, the camera automatically reverts to webcam mode.
Unfortunately the refresh rate is a bit erratic at the moment - anywhere between 13 seconds and 17 hours.
We are trying to find the fault.

***  Please let the page load fully (approx 20 secs)  ***
The video/radio link needs to connect properly.





Sorry, Camera 2 is still off-line - sheep damage





Note from Webmaster Who is it? - If you see something exciting just right click on the picture which will freeze-frame the video,
choose 'Save Picture As' - choose a location on your hard drive & click 'Save' (as .jpeg format please).
Mail your picture to me as an attachment and it may appear in the archive gallery below.


May 11 - a shot from our experimental night-vision camera currently on test.
More pictures once we have completed development and adjusted the sensitivity.
Our plan is to link this to an infra-red motion detector.  There have been reports
of big cats in the area - watch this space!



Freeze-Frame Gallery




Thanks to A. Shepherd, Upper Ramsbottom,
who sent this one, dated 15 April.
Unfortunately we have had to remove this picture,
having taken legal advice,
some people have no sense of humour!

This picture taken just before the dusk auto-shutdown.
Spotted 2 May, by Ben Dover, Ashreigney.




The Beagle Has Landed - in Burrington!
Pete Saunders.

Spotted by Rhoda Gorrocks of Totnes,
13 March.




7 May, camera has a temporary electronics failure.

Sent in by Ophelia Hampton-Wick.
This is unbelievable!
[Paignton Zoo informed]


Possibly the best so far?



Elvis spotted in Burrington!
Well done Derron, of Penny Hop, Burrington.
"A little more action" in the village?

Cameras courtesy of 'Dreckly Video Systems', Devon.
Video link from 'Another Planet', Cornwall.


** As seen on BBC Devon Online! **
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 Badgercam, Barnstaple, Bird table cam, Exeter, Kestrelcam,
Owlcam, Donkey Sanctuary, Plymouth, Instow, Starcross, Torquay.

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