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All meetings are held on Tuesdays,
usually the last Tuesday in the month, except when changed.  All start at 7.30pm.
Three days notice will be given if a change is necessary.


Latest Audit and Accounts etc



Date of Acquisition / Description / Location / Cost or Insured Value

Unknown Queen Victoria School NIL
Memorial Playground

Unknown 3 Village Pumps over wells Opposite Southview
Barton Road NIL

Unknown 2 Public seats Red Post & Forches Cross NIL
1996 1 Public seat Bircham Hill NIL
2012 1 Picnic bench Village Green 152.00

Unknown 3 Village lights Church wall
Parish Hall
On the Green

Registered 1972 Village Green Centre of village NIL

1983 4-drawer filing cabinet Parish Clerk's home NIL

1984 Parish Noticeboard On walloutside J.Pickard & Co.Ltd. NIL

1988 Bus Shelter Outside School 2,250.00

2012 Juke box new wave unit Village Green 22,000.00
2012 Spinner
2012 City rocker

2017 2nd Noticeboard On wall next to 1st Notice board 490.00

1998 2 swings Village Green
1 Elephant Mobile Village Green 3,835.00
1 Horse Mobile Village Green

1999 Viewing Table Forches Cross 270.00
& Time Capsule

1999 Millennium Copse Land O.S.1096 NIL
between Forches & Red Post 0.292 acres

2001 Sports Area Next to School 85,950.00

2008 Dog bins Opp Parish Hall, Barton Lane 395.00
2012 Balls Corner, Town bridge 392.00

Unknown Litter bins By entrance to Mens club NIL
2013 By picnic table 90.00

2013 Defibrillator Centre of the Village next to Pickard's 1,925.00

2015 Projector and screen In the Parish Hall 397.00

2017 Gate on Millenium Copse Millenium Copse 140.00

TOTAL VALUE: 118,286.00


Dave Tylcoat, Burrington, 2003-2013

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