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Photo by Dave Tylcoat
Sue enjoying the fresh air over Devon. Picture by Dave using a helmet mounted
Canon T70 camera with mouth switch (Program T500).
This was Sue's 150th jump, 26th August 1991.


Photo by Adrian Thornton
Dave & Sue - our wedding photo!


Photo by Adrian Thornton
Dave practising over Eaglescott, Devon, Sept 1992.
My best base time in competition was 6.57 secs at the '83 Nationals.


Dubai, U.A.E., March 1978.  Group mugshot before a 1200' static line from the side door, soft landing onto the desert on an EFA 677.
The aircraft is an Aeritalia Fiat G222.  I managed 12 jumps from the G222, mostly from 15,000', with one at 20,000'
using onboard oxygen - these being from the tailgate.  Did a further 45 jumps from the Huey helicopters, mostly 10,500'.
We later learned that our mass moon at a low fly-past wasn't appreciated by the local pilots.
Dubai was quite a sight from 20,000' - sand as far as the eye could see in all directions, just some burning tyres in the desert
to give us wind direction.  Picked up & ferried back by Hueys - luxury!  DT at back right.


Dave Tylcoat, first jump, Bembridge Airfield, Isle of Wight, 4th July 1970.
Dave Tylcoat, first jump, Bembridge Airfield, Isle of Wight, 4th July 1970.
Britten-Norman factory behind.



Sue has nearly 300 jumps, mostly trained by Dave from her first jump - a very able student I might add!  Dave has nearly 3000 jumps. Starting in 1970, he has represented Britain at three World Championships; Yugoslavia '78 (13th in Accuracy), Bulgaria '80 and Czechoslovakia '82 - and in 1983 was British National Champion (individual overall, style & accuracy). He was owner & Chief Instructor of Lincoln Parachute Centre (1980-1988) and Eaglescott Parachute Centre (1988-1994). He has owned Cessna 170, 180, 182, 206 & jumped from 38 different types of aircraft (including 6 different types of helicopters) in 13 different countries; America, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Scotland, Spain, Wales and Yugoslavia.  We retired from skydiving in 1998 and now spend our spare money on skiing, mainly in Austria.


Just for the record - here are those aircraft:

Fixed wing

Aeritalia/Fiat G222

Antonov AN2

Beechcraft Twin Beech

Beechcraft Model 99

Beechcraft King Air

BN Islander (piston & turbine)

Cessna 170B

Cessna 172

Cessna 172 Rocket

Cessna 180

Cessna 182

Cessna 185

Cessna 205

Cessna 206

Cessna 206T

Cessna 207

Cessna 208 Caravan

DH Beaver

DH Rapide (G-AGTM & G-AIDL)

DH Tiger Moth (G-AYUX)

DH Twin Otter

Dornier 27

Douglas DC3

Lockheed 10E

Lockheed C160 Transall

Max Holste Broussard

PAC 750

Partenavia P68

Pilatus Porter

Piper Cherokee 6

Piper Navajo

Piper Rallye 150

Piper Seneca

Piper Tripacer

Shorts Skyvan

Technoavia SMG-92 Turbine Finist



Bell UH-1 Huey

Mil Mi 8 Hip

Westland Scout

Westland Wessex 2

Westland Wessex 5

Westland Whirlwind



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