Dave & Sue Tylcoat - Sports Page!

Just a few pics in case anybody wants to know what we are doing these days
- and what we look like now!


BUPA London 10K May 2010, Dave crossing the finish line.
BUPA London 10K May 2010, Dave crossing the finish line.
"Old git beats young Doris in London 10K"
[Dave's 2015 time was 52mins 15secs]


Sue Tylcoat, BUPA 10K, May 2011
Sue Tylcoat, BUPA 10K, London, May 2011


Sue Tylcoat, Hochgurgl - Sue with her trusty Head skis.
Hochgurgl, January 2010,
Sue with her trusty Head skis.


Dave Tylcoat, Hochgurgl, Jan 2010, new skis carving on edges.
Dave putting his new skis on their edges.  Hochgurgl, January 2010.
Atomic Drive 11 Carbon skis - love them!  Much more stable at speed than my old Atomic C9:18's.


Sue Tylcoat skiing in Levi, Finland, March 2006.
Sue, Levi, Finland, March 2006 - cold!

Sue Tylcoat bodyboarding at Westward Ho! September 2011
Sue at Westward Ho!, 25 Sept 2011.  Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 waterproof camera.  Dave T.


Sue Tylcoat, Croyde Bay
- and at Croyde, Sunday 2nd October 2011 - air temperature 26C, sea temperature 16C
- a weekend when UK October temperature records were broken in several places - proper job!
Same camera as above.


Polzeath beach, Cornwall, 5 Sept 2010.  Photo Dave Tylcoat
Polzeath Surf Report & Forecast

Polzeath, Cornwall, sunset
Polzeath, Cornwall.  Sunset, 11th September 2011.  Time for a beer.  Photo Dave Tylcoat.
The Daymark at Stepper Point visible at left.
Dave Tylcoat: Paintings - Polzeath, Port Isaac & more


Sue Tylcoat, Skydiving
Sue over Eaglescott, Devon.  Picture by Dave using a helmet mounted Canon T70
camera with mouth switch (program T500).  More skydiving pics.


29 Commando Orienteering Team, 1975
One from the archives:  29 Commando Orienteering Team,
winners, Royal Marines Orienteering Championships 1975.
Dave at front left in black tracksuit.
We were as popular with the Booties as a fart in a space-suit!


Beach Huts, Dave Tylcoat
Beach Huts
Oil on primed plywood, 8" x 48", Dave Tylcoat 2010

village, Devon

Dave Tylcoat 2010

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