The will of Thomas Taylcot of Nailstone, 1612

Leicestershire Record Office, 1612, Thos Taylecote Snr

[Very difficult to read, dirty copy on rt. side]

Copyright Dave Tylcoat 1996-2000

In the name of god Amen, the eyght daye of November in the nynth yere of the Raygne of our Sovereign Lord James by the grace of god Kinge of England ffrance & Ireland defender of the fayth &c & Scotland the (....) & fourth (....) (....) I Thomas Taylcot the elder of Nelston in the county of Leic being of pfect memory make this my last wyll and testament in manner & forme following. ffirst I gyve and bequeusoe my soule to almyghty god who created both bodye and soule & hath redemed mee from the bondage of syne & hell. And my bodye to be buryed in the sepulcher of (..................) in the pishe church of Nelston afforesayde

Item I give unto Sara my wyfe & Thomas my sonne All my ly(v)ing to be accapyed betwixt them during the lyves and the longer lyver of them And if Thomas my sonne dyes (the lyving being untaken) I will that Jeffery my sonne have the same right or fithe that Thomas my sonne had ought to have in the farm. And if Jeffery dyes (......) lykwyse to the rest of my sonnes. Item I give to Jeffery my Sonne thirtie pounds, tenne pounds of the same to be payd at the end of one year after my decease And the other twentye pounds to be payd at the end of one year after the foresayd time. Item I give to Elizabeth my daughter fortye pounds to be payd at the end of four years after my decease. Item I give to Jone my daughter fortye pounds to be payd at the end of seven years after my decease Item I give to my three youngest children namely William, Agnis, And John aighty pounds A peece to be (.......) (.........) their (.....) (......) (.......) (at the marriage of Thomas my sonne eight years after my decease - crossed out) hath accomplisheth age of one & twenty I will that William And John my sonnes bee kept to scoolles (that they (....) of my (....)) can write & reede in befitting manner And if it fortune that any of my sayd children dye their prines (?) being unpaid I will that their pte be dyvyded (.....) (....) the rest them Lyvings, but if my sayd children doe not bestowe them selves in marryage with the consent (......) (.........) their mother I will they have but twenty pounds A peece. All the rest of my goods movable & unmovable my debts payd & my bodye brought to the ground I give unto Sara my wyfe & Thomas my sonne And make them my (...........) of this my last will & testament. And that this my will be pformed I ordayne William Taylcote my brother and (H?.....) my brother-in-law my overseers And I give them six shillings & eyght penne A peece. In witness wherof to this my last will I have sett my hand the daye & yeare first above written

by me Thomas Taylcot

Thomas Bourne
ffrancis Sturges(?)

Early English handwriting

Tylcoat, Tylecote, Talcott