The Will of Jonathan Tayllcoate of Saddington, Leicestershire, 1731

Leicestershire Record Office


Will of Jonathan Tayllcoate, 1731

In The Name of God Amen
I Jonathan Tayllcoate of Saddington In the County of Leicestor Tallow Chandler Being Sound In Mind and Memory yet considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof doe Make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. In Mannor and form following (that Is To Say) first and Principaly I Commit my Soule Into The hands of allmighty God my Creator hoping through the Merrits and satisfaction of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ To obtain Remission of my Sins and to Inherit etternal Life ~ My Body I commit to the earth whereof it wass made to be ~ Decently Buried By my Executr' hereafter mentioned and for those worldly Goods wherewith it hath Pleased God to~ Bless me with I dispose thereof as followeth (Imprimis) I Give and devise unto my youngest Son John Tayllcoate all my house and candle house Containing Three Bays of Building Which I Built and now dwell In he paying once A year and yearly About St Michael The Archangel Three half pence To Gartrey Court for Chife Rent I Built it with the full consent of the feofes and trusteis And all the other ffreeholders of the Towne Whose names Are Written In the Town Book In The year of our Lord Jesus Chriest 1719 And 20 ~ ~ ~
Item I Give Unto My Son Jonathan Tayllcoate one shilling ~ ~ Item I Give Unto My Son Thomas Tayllcoate my Biggest pewter Dish. : Item all the Rest of my Goods Cattle and Chattles I Give And Bequeath them unto my Son John Tayllcoate he paying my Debts Legacies and funeral Expences And I Doe hereby make him Soal Executor of this my Last Will and Testament And I doe also chose my Brother John Tayllcoate of Labenham In the aforesaid County To Be his Guardian In Wittness Where of I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal This nineteenth day of May In the third year of the Reighn of our Most Soverain Lord Georg The Second By the Grace of God of Great Britain france and Ireland King defender of the faith: Anno Domi 1731
Signd Sealed published & declared by ye said
Testator Jonathan Tayllcoate as his Last Will
& Testament In presense of us whose names
Are here Subscribed : William Shield                                     Jonathan Tayllcoate
William Cave
William Goodwin

Transcribed by Dave & Sue Tylcoat 1995 from a photocopy of the original.
Copyright Dave Tylcoat 1995-2000

Early English handwriting


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