The will of William Tyllcott of Nailstone, Leicestershire, 2 April 1547

Leicestershire Record Office, 1547, TYLECOTT, William, Nailstone

Transcribed by Dave & Sue Tylcoat from a copy of the original

Copyright Dave Tylcoat 1996-2000


In the name of god Amen the iyere of our lord god MCCCCCxlvij the second day of aprill that I william tyllcott syke in body but holle of remembrance doo make my last Wyll in thys manar ffyrste I bequethe my solle to allmygty god to our lady sainte mary and too all the holly company in heven and boyde to bee burryed in the churche yarde off Nallste I bequethe to the churche of Nallston a newe & a lame I bequethe to the churche of Lyncolln xij I bequethe to evry one of my god chylldryn apeyste xiiij I bequethe to Sr Dennys Dudeley xij I bequethe to Jone my brother thomas Dawter a heffer of too iyere wolde and Wylia her brother a iyerlyn cawfe, I bequethe att my burryall day xiii s I bequethe to Agnes my brother thomas dougter a newe lame I bequethe Lennarde my sone viij oxyen & if marrys the reste of my go(u)dys my detts payde & my body burryed I wyll thatt my goudys be devydyde in thre parts on to my wyfe the other too chelldren lennard and baratyllmu Allso I wyll that Lennard my Sone have bartyll into his chyllds partte & allso I make my exectors my wyfe and my son Lenarde And my overseors Mr thomas Cokys and John tyllcott my brother, Allso I wyll thatt Mr Cokys have for hys penys to see thys my Wyll pformed and beying goud to my Sones as my troyste ys in hyme xvj

Wettnes Sr dennes dudeley clarke

John asston and harry pea(r) wth others ~~~~

Early English handwriting

Tylcoat, Tylecote, Talcott