The will of William Taylecote of Colchester, 1578

Essex Record Office, D/ABW 37/199, 1578 (Damaged)

Transcribed by Dave & Sue Tylcoat from a copy of the original

Copyright Dave Tylcoat 1996-2000


In the name of god, Amen the xijth daye of Aprill Ano Dmi 1578 I Willm Taylecote of the parysshe of St M ( missing - see below* ) Colchester in the countie of Essex sycke in bodye but beinge of good and perfecte remembr ( missing ) th allmygtie god do ordayne and make this my last wyll and testa ( missing ) forme following that is to saye ffirst I comitt my Soule unto the hands of ( missing ) my maker and saviour, and my bodye to be buryed in the church yard ( missing ) aforesaid, Item I gyve and bequeathe unto helen my daughter, one beas ( missing ) one mydle kettle one ladle, one payre of pothoodes, twoo little candlestycks ( missing ) one Skommer, one platter, one pewter ( missing ) the left chayer, one greate Imyge. twoo tankards, the greate chest, one trevytt, one tramell and a litle Saucer, one flockebedd, one bollster, twoo pillowes, Item I gyve unto Anne my dougter, One greate kettell, one litle kettle, One greate Skommer one chaffyngdysshe, one ffryingpan, one greate platter, one pewter dysshe a greate Saucer, and a little Saucer, one greate candle styck and one little candle stycke, one fyrepan, one payre of conyes, one gredyron, one salt seller, one fetherbedd, one fether bollster the twoo best pillowes, One paire of sheets, one cupborde, one Table one spytt, the twoo best chayres, one bedstedle, Item I make John Taylecote of the parishe of St (*Marys crossed out) Peter aforesaid pewterer, to be m ( missing ) sole executor Revokinge all former wylls heretofore by me made,

Willm         Taylecote
    his               marke

Testes hmi Testament sunt (?) (?) silk
Stephen X Boyers

Early English handwriting

Tylcoat, Tylecote, Talcott